Inventory Log Woocommerce


Inventory log for Woocommerce plugin Built to help record the increase/decrease of stock from admin and the increase/decrease of orders.
Because the problem that frequently occurs is that the web admin adds/reduces stock directly to the woocommerce system, making it difficult to know how this product has been increased or decreased and by how much.

  • Feature

  • ⚡ Able to keep a log of increasing or decreasing stock for both normal products and products with different sizes and colors (variation products), both from increasing/reducing stock by admin.
  • ⚡ Keep stock history of stock reductions when orders come in.
  • ⚡ Keep stock history, adding stock when order is cancelled.
  • ⚡ Close the channel for directly updating stock information.
  • ** The product must enable “Manage stock?”


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