Develop WordPress plugin / Woocommerce plugin

The WordPress plugin is one of the key reasons why over 40% of the websites on this planet are built on WordPress, as it opens up opportunities for developers to add various functionalities through plugin installation.

Interest Topics

Plugin categories

  • Plugin for further integration from WordPress plugins, such as adding functions to Woocommerce, Contactform7.
  • Plugin for integrating with ERPs such as NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Plugin for integrating with Logistic such as DHL, Kerry, Flash
  • Plugin for connecting to marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada
  • Fulfillment plugin such as Mycloudfulfillment, Santacube
  • WordPress plugin for connecting with Line OA and various notifications
  • SMS plugin for sending various messages via SMS systems

Boostpress specializes in developing plugins

Having experts to assist in plugin development for your website can expedite feature implementation accurately, positively impacting your online business.

Boostpress began from a personal passion for WordPress over a decade ago. We’ve created numerous plugins, both for personal use and commercial distribution. Today, we continue to work with WordPress with love and deep code understanding.

Our team comprises programmers deeply entrenched in the WordPress ecosystem for many years. We prioritize code detail to avoid conflicts with other plugins. With our expertise, we gladly transform all your requirements into WordPress plugins.

Why Choose BoostPress?

  • Extensive Experience With years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to plugin development.
  • Attention to Detail We meticulously craft plugins, ensuring they meet your requirements and seamlessly integrate into your website.
  • Deep Understanding of WordPress Our profound understanding of the WordPress platform ensures optimal plugin performance.
  • Focus on Website Performance We prioritize website performance, ensuring our plugins enhance rather than hinder your site’s speed.
  • Commitment to Security Security is paramount to us. Our plugins undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re secure and robust.
  • Long-term Partnership We strive to be your trusted partner, providing ongoing support and collaboration.
  • Choosing BoostPress means choosing excellence in WordPress plugin development

Steps for Developing a WordPress Plugin

1) Customer notifies requirements to the developer.

2) Boostpress summarizes requirements and provides a quotation.

3) Customer pays a 50% deposit of the quoted price.

4) BoostPress develops the WordPress plugin.

5) BoostPress delivers the work for customer review.

6) Customers report issues, and BoostPress is responsible for resolving them.